Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Outstanding in the Field

I am sitting at the end of a table of 150 guests, eating this salad made up of ingredients grown on these grounds. My salad has beets in it which I hate admitting I do not like. What food lover doesn't like beets?? I have never met another one. I am of the opinion that your tastes can change and mature and so I always, always try the beets hoping this is going to be the beet bite that makes me fall in love. Suddenly my phone vibrates in my pocket and it is a text from my cousin who adores beets. She has sent me a picture of the fig tasting she is enjoying at Hot Hot Fish Club in Birmingham so I must shoot back a picture of where I am sitting and what I am eating.

I am at Love is Love Farm in Douglasville, GA attending the Atlanta stop of Outstanding in the Field. If you do not know of and love these people, check out their website and you will be hooked. It is October and I have had my tickets since March and I am finally seated at this farm to table dinner that is more than worth the wait. This dinner is the brain child of Jim Denevan and the meal has been prepared on site by Chef Steven Satterfield of Miller Union.

Here are a few more pictures to whet your appetite to sign up for one of these dinners whenever their bus travels to your area! And just for the record, the beets were delicious.