Tuesday, June 12, 2012

31 Photos of May

Day 1: Peace

Day 2: Skyline

Day 3: Something you wore
Strep Throat = Snuggled under a blanket

Day 4: FUN!
National Star Wars Day....May the 4th be with you!!

Day 5: Bird
Anthropologie bowls

Day 6: You
Off to see The Avengers

Day 7: Someone that inspires you
Grant Achatz: Chef

Day 8: A Smell you adore

Day 9: Something you do everyday
Play Legos, Clean up Legos, Repeat

Day 10: A favorite word
A color that makes everything work

Day 11: Kitchen

Day 12: Something that makes you happy
Doing art projects with my kids

 Day 13: Mum
Mother's Day celebration

Day 14: Grass
Lots of Grass in my favorite new Children's Book

Day 15: Love
This area of my house that has kid's art mixed with family photos

Day 16: What you're reading
Magazines. Always. 

Day 17: Snack
Pirate Booty

Day 18: Something you made
Superhero Cookies 

Day 19: A favorite place
Beside Brandon

Day 20: Something you can't live without
My kids making me laugh

Day 21: Where you stand

Day 22: Pink
Had to choose two cause I really LOVE pink!!

Day 23: Technology

Day 24: Something New
The latest Pez dispenser in Ford's collection

Day 25: Unusual
Making Bug Ice Cubes for Delaney's class

Day 26: 12 O'clock
Collecting rocks out of the creek in Ellijay

Day 27: Something sweet
Vosges from Brandon. The very best!

Day 28: The Weather today

Day 29: A Number

Day 30: Your Personality
Cluttered, Messy, and Colorful

Day 31: Something Beautiful

And here is the list for June: