Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Photos of August

 1. Outside
Cabin Days

 2. One


3. Coin

 4. Somewhere You Sat


5. Logo

6. Writing
Ford's New Sign

7. 8 O'clock
Waking Up Our House Guest in True Superhero Style

8. Glasses

9. Messy
Painting with Ford

 10. Ring
Olympic Opening Ceremony Dinner Party

11. Purple
A Fun Sighting on the Way to the Beach

12. Spoon

13. Simple
The Art of Letter Writing

14. Arrow

15. Ready
For the Movie to Begin with A Really Cool Popcorn Bag

16. Food
Cherries Matching Our Cart Matching Our Shoes

17. Faces

18. Inside
Spending A Lot of Time Inside the Car Lately

19. Hole

20. Today
Delaney's To Do List

21. Cool
Learning to Make Pinwheels

22. Home

23. Pair

24. Path
Ford's First Rock Climbing Adventure

25. Fresh
White Paper, Art Supplies, New Ideas, and Visual Journaling Today

26. Dream
Ford's Dream Day: Work Every Puzzle In Our House In One Day

27. Tap

28. Clock

29. Down
Fast Asleep Early in the Evening...School is Hard

30. Card
Amazing Cardboard Installation at Anthropologie

31. Hidden