Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Ornaments...Cookie Cutter Frames

This is our final batch of homemade ornaments this year. We've been collecting Christmas themed cookie cutters when we see them on sale or find them at the dollar store.

First, we added glue to the dull side of the cutter. After testing several kinds of glue, we figured out that fast acting tacky craft glue works best.

Then we glued the cutters to all kinds of paper surfaces. We used scrapbook papers which we loved because many of them were two sided and gave the ornaments a more finished look. We also used old Christmas cards and photos.

After allowing them to dry, we used an Exacto pen to carefully cut around the frame and made a small hole in the top to add string. We made several batches of these for gifts this year, adding family photos to some and colors we know people like to others.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Girl's Christmas Lunch

We took a road trip to Birmingham yesterday to celebrate our annual Girl's Christmas Lunch with Jacqueline. We couldn't leave anyone out even if they had just delivered twins so we brought the party to her. It was a wonderful celebration as this year we have so many things to be thankful for.

I loved these gifts from my mom to all of us.
We each got a very appropriate charm attached to a beautiful ornament.

And Pam gave out earrings attached to Vintage Christmas post cards.
I just love the creativity in presentation and wrapping in our family. And Jenny, being the scarf queen received a record 4 scarves out of 5 gifts.

We dined on great salads and Grandpa's cookies, which we would all agree are our favorite part of any Christmas meal.

I brought the reindeer root beer which I found the idea for on Pinterest.

And yes, Pam and I showed up in the exact same Target lace shirt!

We are all so abundantly blessed to have eachother in our lives and thankful for these 4 generations of women we get to call family.