Wednesday, December 5, 2012

31 Photos of October

1. Where you Stood
Decisions, Decisions

2. Lunchtime

3. This Happened Today
Learning to play "Kings in the Corner" with their great grandmother

4. What You Read

5. Shadow

6. I'm Thankful For

7. Light

8. Angle

9. Red

10. Emotion

11. Something Close-up

12. On the Table

13. Landscape

14. Makes You Laugh

15. Dinnertime

16. Something You Wrote

17. Fruit

18. Made You Smile Today
Finding wonderful surprises like this

19. Letters

20. 4 O'Clock
Walking across the Alabama Florida line with Momo

21. Calm

22. In Your Town

23. The View From Here

24. Weather

25. People

26. Listening To
Sounds of Ford playing bad guy vs. good guy

27. Morning
Ready for Halloween

28. Looking Back

29. Moon

30. Clothes
Brandon's shirt matches this building

31. Whatever You Like
Performing a Magic Trick

Snowflake Cookies

I've always loved making snowflakes. You know the kind where you fold the paper several times and cut out notches, then open to reveal a beautiful lacy design? So, when I saw this idea in Parents Magazine, I had to try it out. Delaney and I made these for a cookie swap I attended this week. The ingredients are simple: flour tortillas, powdered sugar, and oil. 

First, fold the flour tortilla in half and then in half again. You should have a triangle in your hand. If the tortillas are stiff, pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds to soften them up. Then you can cut any shapes you want with sharp kitchen shears.

 Unfold your designs and lay them out on a cookie sheet. Brush each one with some kind of cooking oil. I prefer coconut oil for the smell and flavor but canola or vegetable oil will work fine too. Bake at 400 degrees for 3-4 minutes. Watch them carefully because they burn quickly. 

While they are still hot, sprinkle with powdered sugar and allow to cool on a wire rack.

Voila. I love the large size, the delicate design and the perfect crunch. They would be perfect with a cup of tea. Next time I think I might sprinkle cinnamon along with the powdered sugar. And for a gluten free twist, I may try this out with corn tortillas.