Friday, May 6, 2011

Gotta Have It

Coke is cool. There is just no doubt about it. Their advertising sets the bar so high that no one can ever measure up. They are always reinventing themselves, keeping up with the times and yet making people crave the classics and the memories that Coke evokes.
I've been watching the Coca Cola building this week as it was shrouded in what appeared to be white drapes wondering what they were doing and what kind of renovations they were making. Tonight I got my answer. Suddenly outside our windows a slide show lit up the Atlanta skyline with image after image of wonderful Cokeness. I rushed up to the roof of our building to watch in amazement as the largest single building projection show in the world took place. It is a giant "thank you" card for 125 years of Coke from Coca Cola to its fans. I took a few photos but mostly just enjoyed every minute of the perks of living in the city where Coke was invented.

A Cinco De Mayo Birthday

I'm a big fan of Cinco de Mayo. It has a lot to do with the fact that Mexican Food is my very favorite and I could eat it every night of my life and not get tired of it. It has even more to do with the fact that I love Margaritas. And believe it or not, both of my kids were due on Cinco de Mayo one year apart. Neither of them decided to show up on their due date so I missed two Cinco de Mayos in a row without a Margarita. This resulted in the best push present any body could ever receive which was a mack daddy Jimmy Buffet Margarita Machine from my husband and several amazing bottles of Tequila from my brother.

My dad's birthday also falls on Cinco de Mayo, so with the machine in hand we headed to the burbs for a Mexican fiesta. My mom can set a table like no other. She mixes patterns, and styles, and colors effortlessly and I am always amazed at the beauty she creates.

I gave her these plates a few years ago from CB2 and have coveted them every since. I followed them up the next year with a gift of these delightful bird napkin rings from Z Gallery.

The tablecloth and salt and pepper shakers are flea market finds and the glass cups are from Homegoods. My mom served a delicious Mexican corn bread casserole topped with fresh salsa and crabmeat. We enjoyed it with chips and cheese dip and of course, a perfect key lime margarita cupcake from Jilly's in Alpharetta for dessert.