Friday, April 29, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!

The weather was perfect today and we spent a wonderful day at Zoo Atlanta thanks to Delaney's friend from school who invited us. I don't know if the kids loved seeing the animals more or just getting to be outside where they could run and jump and play until their legs ran out.

We got to see the newest Panda named Po which was a big hit with my Kung Fu Panda loving kids.

I enjoyed the elephants because I watched "Water for Elephants" at the theater last night (side note that it was a great movie that was visually stunning and artistically beautiful).

There are animals galore. There are a couple of fun playgrounds. There are an abundance of picnic tables. There is a carousel, a rock climbing wall, a petting zoo and there is a train ride that is perfectly placed at the very end when everyone is ready to sit down and enjoy the cool breeze.

A New Cookbook

I'm cookbook crazed. I'm a recipe-aholic. I really enjoy reading recipes. Somebody asked me recently what magazine I would subscribe to if I had to cancel all my subscriptions except one, and I said hands down "Food and Wine. So when my latest cookbook arrived today, I couldn't wait to crack it open. It is Heidi Swanson's latest entitled "Super Natural Every Day".

First off, it is beautiful, filled with great photography. I like all my cookbooks to be at least 50% photos, must be the visual side of me!

The recipes look fabulous. There are so many little twists I wouldn't have thought of and can't wait to try like adding toasted coconut to Kale Salad with sesame oil and tossing pistachios and Medjool dates into a Summer Watermelon Salad.

My book ended up with more marked pages than unmarked pages.

I'll post again with the results after I decide what to cook first! I'm kinda leaning toward the chewy Ginger Cookies with Dried Apricots and Shaved Chocolate.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter.

Here are my favorite photos from this weekend's Easter festivities.