Friday, April 29, 2011

A New Cookbook

I'm cookbook crazed. I'm a recipe-aholic. I really enjoy reading recipes. Somebody asked me recently what magazine I would subscribe to if I had to cancel all my subscriptions except one, and I said hands down "Food and Wine. So when my latest cookbook arrived today, I couldn't wait to crack it open. It is Heidi Swanson's latest entitled "Super Natural Every Day".

First off, it is beautiful, filled with great photography. I like all my cookbooks to be at least 50% photos, must be the visual side of me!

The recipes look fabulous. There are so many little twists I wouldn't have thought of and can't wait to try like adding toasted coconut to Kale Salad with sesame oil and tossing pistachios and Medjool dates into a Summer Watermelon Salad.

My book ended up with more marked pages than unmarked pages.

I'll post again with the results after I decide what to cook first! I'm kinda leaning toward the chewy Ginger Cookies with Dried Apricots and Shaved Chocolate.

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