Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Summer Jar

It is summer time. We said goodbye to our classmates and teachers today. We also said goodbye to early mornings and structured days. So we made a "summer jar". We all thought of things we want to do this summer. Fun things. Simple things. Crafty things. Adventurous things. We wrote them down, cut them into strips, folded them up, and put them in a glass jar. Starting tomorrow, we will draw an idea out everyday and it will give us a project or a destination or an activity. The kids are so excited about it. 

I have a folder on Pinterest of kid's art projects I've been wanting to do so I took this opportunity to put those ideas into the jar. The kids had funny ideas like Delaney wants to make a cold, icy drink and sip it in the shade. I am thinking that day may be repeated a few times. Ford would put Legoland in the jar 30 times if we would let him and anything that has to do with him getting very wet....a pool, the sprinklers, water gun battles, etc.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Super Celebration

Ford celebrated his 4th birthday with a Superhero themed bash. Here is how we decorated.... We made the buildings with black poster board and post-its. We used vintage postcards and taped them to the wall with painters tape so they were easy to remove. We made the gift bags with modge podge and superhero themed wrapping paper glued onto solid bags from Target. 

 We made the super hero pops with cardstock and scissors and tape.

 We made the tiny linen bags to hold pez candies by scanning in vintage batman images, printing them on transfer paper, and ironing them onto the bags. We handed out superhero pez as favors since Ford is a bit Pez obsessed. 

The popcorn cones are made by scanning in batman comics and printing in black and white, rolling them up, and taping. I had purchased these superhero cookie cutters from William Sonoma for Ford for Christmas and we never made them. The day before the party, I went on YouTube and watched a video on how to make Royal Icing and how to pipe cookies and they turned out great.

The cupcake toppers and wrappers are also from Williams Sonoma. I love the vintage look. 

Ford's favorite game is Bingo so he requested Superhero bingo. I made a grid and traced all the figures into the squares from his books. After coloring them in, I scanned them into the computer and tweaked them. We used batman themed confetti found at party city for our markers. 

We invited guests to wear costumes or superhero t-shirts and had a fun game of superhero tag on the roof. 

I made these wings for Ford and Delaney's shoes. I saw something similar on etsy but since I don't have a sewing machine I used thick felt and did the no sew version. 

I'll leave you with these pictures of Ford as the Avengers, courtesy of party hat masks found at Walmart in the party section.