Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zig Zag Crazed

I lost a whole night of sleep over the Missoni launch for Target. I've been counting the days until the shelves were to be stocked with zig zag designs. I found most of the items, over 400 in the collection, online beforehand and had mapped out a plan of what I coveted most. I saved my money all month so my budget could handle a mini Missoni spree. I logged on at midnight to shop online but nothing was posted yet. From there, I set my alarm every couple of hours to try again. Finally, at 6:30am, I logged on and was able to get the items I wanted the very most, matching shoes for me and my girl and a tower of espresso cups with matching plates.

By 7am, Target's website was shut down for most of the day. By the time it came up again later in the day, most of the Missoni line was sold out.

After a night of no sleep, I woke my kids up and made them stand in line at Target with me until the stores opened at 8.

There were so many things I liked from viewing them online but I wanted to see them in person. The lines were starting to form when we arrived. When the doors opened, most people went for the clothing and shoes first and the great pieces were gone in seconds. I was able to get the things I loved most from the kitchen section.

It was a crazed frenzy and all the Target employees were stunned at the turnout saying they had never been so busy on a random Tuesday.

What a great line Missoni turned out with their iconic designs and colors and affordable for the masses. This is the only time in my life I will be checking out with Missoni shoe boxes!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Moving on Out.

Well, after 8 years the time has come to give up this loft I love so much. We are putting our place on the market today. Instead of blogging lately, I have been cleaning, and purging, and organizing. I have very mixed emotions. My family is ready to move for space and schools and other things so I will go along with them knowing that I have gotten to live in my dream building and that hopefully someday I will get to live in an industrial space in the city again. Several readers have asked to see photos so here they are:

Almost everything in our house is from Ikea, Homegoods, or Lakewood Antiques Market which I dearly miss! I love these Flor squares covering our concrete floors. They are great because they are tiles that can be replaced one at a time if your kids are too messy!

The building we live in was built in 1913 and was a Seed Factory. When we moved in, our space was raw and my dad, who is a builder, built it out for us. One of my favorite things we did was build this table into this strange hump that is the headroom to the common area building basement. It is great for serving and working puzzles. You can see this hump, minus the table of course, in the opening scenes for Sweet Home Alabama which was filmed in our space before we converted it. Our space was used for the NYC fashion design studio shots.

The red seats are some that my grandfather got from the old Fulton County stadium. And the Texaco sign is from Lakewood and special because Brandon's dad worked for Texaco for much of his career.

Here is Delaney and Ford's room. Delaney hopes to get her own room soon so she can have more of her "ownself time". Their bunkbeds are from Ikea as well as their storage area. The diner is from a friend who got it at a garage sale.

This is my studio. The cabinets are Ikea and can be customized with photos as doors like I did to the middle row.

This is a view from my studio looking back over the main room. You can see our little catwalk library to the left designed by metal artist, Andrew Crawford. We added that on more recently than we converted the rest of our place.

Our bedroom photos give you a good look at the awesome columns in the building. They are giant poured concrete.

The doors to our closet are from Lakewood and are out of an old Chicago hotel. My dad gave them to me for Christmas one year when my favorite song was Martina McBride's "You Must Think My Heart Has Swinging Doors".

If you are looking for a place, here is the listing.