Friday, May 11, 2012

Paris Painting Party

For Delaney's 5th Birthday, we had a Paris Party. She has followed along in my love for the Eiffel Tower and loves all things Parisian. We enjoyed the perfect weather and celebrated with a few of her friends on our roof. The girls did paintings of the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed cupcakes and pink lemonade.

I purchased the berets off and used puffy paint to add the Eiffel Tower. For the smocks, my mom stalked the thrift stores for boys shirts and we stamped the Eiffel Tower on each one. The goody bags are from Old Navy for $1 each and were perfect to take home the paintings, smocks, berets, and Eiffel Tower juice cups.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

30 Photos of April

Day 1: Your Reflection 
Road Tripping through Charleston

Day 2: Colour
Delaney thought yellow stripes would look better than white ones

Day 3: Mail
Birchbox is such a fun treat every month

Day 4: Someone Who Makes You Happy

Day 5: Tiny
Paintings on Seashells

Day 6: Lunch

Day 7: Shadow
iPad sketching in the shadow of a tree

Day 8: Inside Your Wallet

Day 9: Younger You
The Cousins with MomP

Day 10: Cold

Day 11: Where You Ate Breakfast

Day 12: Stairs

Day 13: Something You Found
A Lovely Assemblage by Delaney

Day 14: How You Feel Today

Day 15: Sunset
Along Hwy 98: Florida

Day 16: Flower

Day 17: Something You Don't Like
Giving Up Coke Zero because it's Bad For Me

Day 18: Hair
Still Purple

Day 19: Orange

Day 20: Something You Drew
Date Night with Ford

Day 21: Bottle

Day 22: The Last Thing You Bought

Day 23: Vegetable
 A Recipe to Make Soon

Day 24: Something You're Grateful For
Celebrating 10 Years this week with Brandon

Day 25: Looking Down
Ford Loves the Hulk Footprints at Target right now

Day 26: Black & White

Day 27: Somewhere You Went
Paint-a-Pot with Brandon (we did this on our first date ever and still love it)

Day 28: 1pm
Inventing New Chairs

Day 29: Circle
Staceage: Westside

Day 30: Something That Makes You Sad
Preschool Ending (on to real school)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Frames for A Dollar

I helped Ford's class make gifts for Mother's Day. Michaels has these unfinished wooden frames for $1. The uses are limitless. I had the kids paint their frames however they wanted.

 I took photos of each child. I printed them in black and white because I love the contrast with the kids bold colorful strokes.

I loved the way all these looked together. I want to do a wall collage in my house in a similar manner....let the kids paint all the frames and use only black and white photography in them. Wouldn't that be stunning!! Maybe I'll get around to that someday.