Wednesday, August 1, 2012

30 Photos of June

Well, I'm a whole month late on this one! But here are my June Photos. They are to be very closely followed by my July Photos and I have high hopes of getting back on track now that carefree summer days are over and we are about to get slammed into a routine!

Day 1: Morning
Early morning at the Airport

Day 2: Empty
Ford's cup collection

Day 3: On Your Plate
Finally eating the famous Primanti Brothers Sandwich loaded with french fries in Pittsburgh, PA

Day 4: Close Up
Delaney's Fan

Day 5: Sign

Day 6: Hat
If it wasn't for the hat, you may not notice the boy

Day 7: Drink
Homemade Watermelon Aqua Fresca

Day 8: Six O'Clock

Day 9: Your View Today

Day 10: Best Bit of Your Weekend
Lime Pops

Day 11: Door

Day 12: From A Low Angle
The Daily Climbing of the Pipes

Day 13: Art
Paint By Number

Day 14: Time
My Ticket Matches My Bag

Day 15: Yellow
Delaney's Favorite Necklace from Her Great-Grandmother's Closet

Day 16: Out And About
Exploring Aspen By Bus

Day 17: In Your Bag
Pool Day

Day 18: Something We Don't Know About You
I Love Crossword Puzzles

Day 19: Imperfect

Day 20: Fave Photo You've Ever Taken

Day 21: Where You Slept
This Girl Got to Sleep with Me while Her Dad Was Away

Day 22: From A High Angle

Day 23: Movement
Line and Light (Closeup of One of My Paintings)

Day 24: On Your Mind
Can't Get the Lyrics to "Collide" (Howie Day) Out of My Head

Day 25: Something Cute

Day 26: Where You Shop
The Thrift Store for Back To School Dress Code Collared Shirts

Day 27: Bathroom

Day 28: On The Shelf
Brandon's Shelf and My Shelf

Day 29: Soft
Snuggly Penquin

Day 30: A Friend