Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thank You Notes

I'm a big fan of mail. Snail mail that is. I love the postal service. I love to send things and I love to receive things. I am trying to instill this love in my kids because I think it is a dying art. I am also trying to raise kids who will write thank you notes, another dying art in our culture. So the kids and I have been working on our thank you notes for their Christmas presents. I do not know what the statute of limitations is on the time frame for these to go out but I do think that if kids are making them, the time frame can be stretched a bit. After all, my kids are not ones for sitting down and making every one they need to make all at once. This is more of a few a day type project but they will get done nevertheless.

My favorite note cards are these from Target.

We use them for every occasion and this little box lasts forever. We just do different things to them depending on the occasion. In the past, we have used crayons, stickers, stamps, hole punches, etc. But this time we are trying out our watercolors.

These cards are heavy enough to withstand the heaviest, wettest hand and they dry pretty flat. I found a couple of brushes that were big hits with my kids in my art kit. They loved this triple brush to make three lines at a time and this sponge brush to make big round dots.

The end results surely do vary and the cards from each day were a bit different, but we did have fun and now people get to receive these little treasures in their mailboxes.

Off we venture to the post office to drop them in the box.