Friday, June 3, 2011

Howell Mill Food Park

It has been a big week for Food Trucks in Atlanta..first the filming of the Great Food Truck Race came to town followed by the opening of Howell Mill Food Park on Tuesday night. Within days of launching their facebook page, the Howell Mill Food Park has over 2000 fans. If that isn't sign enough that Atlanta was overdue for the food truck scene to hit, the crowds at the inaugural Food Park opening sure were.

The Howell Mill Food Park is an empty gravel lot where food trucks congregate on Tuesday nights from now on starting at 6pm. It is a great way to taste food from many trucks. The crowds were quite large and lines could be long but the experience was great and it was wonderful to see so many people supporting the effort.

We sampled many things including the Bahn Mi from Munch

A slaw dog from the Pup Truck

Delicously spicy tamales from the Tamale Queen

Carne Asada quesadillas from Tex's Tacos

And Salted Chocolate Popsicles from the King of Pops

The best thing we did was to bring our kids a couple of chairs as seating is sparse.

I hope that Howell Mill Food Park is here to stay. Parking is a bit tough but worth the effort. And I really hope that in the coming weeks my favorite truck, The Good Food Truck, will be there and the Fry Guy, who I have been dying to try out.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Great Food Truck Race comes to Atlanta

The Food Network's Great Food Truck Race came through Atlanta this past weekend. They are filming for season 2 and by the time they hit our city they were down to 3 trucks. The trucks were parked at different places around the city and we made it to two of them.

We started out at Atlantic Station where we heard the Hodge Podge truck would be pulling in around 12:30. We got there at 12:30 and watched the truck set up, the camera men scurry around, and all the food being unloaded and stocked.

It was a long time waiting for the cooks to get their food prepped and start cooking. By the time we waited in line, ordered, and got our food it was after 2pm. It was fun watching the process and it will make it even more fun watching the Atlanta week competitions when the show airs.

At the Hodge Podge truck we tried the Melon Bisque with Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Micro Mint, and Lemon. It was delicious and refreshing on such a hot day.

Here are the Ribeye Tacos with sweet corn slaw and the Shrimp and Grits.

The Roasted Carrots were wonderful served with Grapefruit Wedges, Micro Mint, and Lemon Aioli.

Finally, we tried the King Crab dip with cilantro, Sriracha, and pea shoots and the Chicken Tacos with Sweet and Sour Slaw.

Later in the day, we found THE LIME TRUCK parked in Colony Square. One of the chefs from this California truck is originally from Atlanta so they had quite a local following.

By the time we got to this truck I was very full so I only tried two items: the Passionfruit Limeade and the Ahi Poke Tuna Nachos with blood orange mango puree, cilantro, serrano, edamame slaw, and guacamole. The nachos were amazing and make me wish the LIME TRUCK was always in Atlanta.

THE LIME TRUCK definitely gets my vote and I wish I had gotten to try the other things on their menu!