Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I have been thinking more about Father's Day this year than usual. Probably because I am in the throes of parenthood and days that can seem eternal with little ones and trying hard to remember that this job is the most important and wonderful thing I'll ever do. I have been thinking about being a mom and that leads me to thinking about dads. I have spent the week reflecting and being thankful for the kind of dad Brandon is to our kids. I read a heartbreaking article this week about dads that a friend posted on FB. And as I sat reading, I praised God that Brandon chooses to be the kind of father that he is. He works so hard to provide for us and yet he comes home every night ready for us, never complaining that his day was too long or too hard. He comes home ready! Ready for the evening, ready to engage, ready to give me a break and ready to play with our kids, ready to enjoy our time as a family, ready to be the father and the husband that I dreamed of.

Thank you for your strong arms that keep our kids safe and secure.

Thank you for your imagination and fun loving play with our children.

Thank you for the world you are teaching them about and the unconditional love that will carry them so far in their lives.


What is your favorite thing to do with your dad?
Play with him

What do you like to play?
Nerf guns and Pez
and Blocks

How does your dad make you feel?

What is your favorite thing to call your dad?
Da Da

How much does your dad love you?
A little little lot


What is your favorite thing to do with your dad?
Go on dates with him

What is your favorite thing about your dad?
He is so handsome

How does your dad make you feel?
Happy and so so beautiful

What is daddy's favorite thing about you?
He thinks I have beautiful sparkly eyes of blue

Is there anything else you'd like to say about your dad?
I love him and that's it

Happy Father's Day, Brandon, and to all of you Dad's out there who are doing a marvelous job!