Friday, December 20, 2013

Solo Cup Ornaments

We made some of our Christmas gifts this year and my favorite gifts we made were these solo cup snow globes.

Here are the materials we used that helped make this a super simple project with great results. 
1. Solo Cups (clear)
2. White Sparkle Garland (we got ours at Target)
3. Paper plates for the bases
4. Hot Glue
5. Sequins, Pipe Cleaners, gold stars, glitter, etc
6. Sparkle ribbon (also from Target)
7. Assorted Little Figures (we found ours at Michaels in tubes)

We loved how they turned out! They make great teacher gifts!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dad and Daughter Christmas Project

When I was in high school I asked for a tool box and a drill for my graduation gift. Little did I know that this is not a request that a builder dad would take lightly. I ended up with the entire Makita Power Tool collection complete with a miter saw, a jigsaw, an electric sander, the drill, and tools for miles. We used to do lots of projects together but it's been a while since we have made anything. When I saw the cover of Martha Stewart Living this month, I knew we had to make this wonderful pipe tree. And my dad was a great sport about it. Detailed instructions can be found in the December issue. We made ours a bit smaller and I chose to use white particle board instead of plywood because I liked the addition of more dots. Here is our process in pictures:


Planning and Measuring

Taping and Cutting

Delivering and Hanging

Filling and Finalizing