Monday, March 26, 2012

Felted Easter Eggs

We made our first Easter project today. We found the idea in Family Fun Magazine. You need plastic eggs, felt roving in several colors, electrical tape, and panty hose. I got a package of felt roving at Michaels for less than $5 that included all the colors you see here and made all the eggs you see here.

First, we used the electrical tape to keep all our eggs closed tightly.

Then, we cut 4 inch pieces of the roving and spread the piece out so that you have a 4 inch x 4 inch square. Do this three times so that you cover each egg with 3 squares, overlapping each perpendicularly.

Then decorate with other colors. It was easiest and worked best to do lines. You can also use 100% wool yarn for this which I think would be ideal but we didn't have that on hand.

The eggs look like this and yes, they are pretty messy looking. Fit them inside the panty hose carefully so as not to disrupt up your design and tie a knot between each egg.

You will end up with a row like this.

Ford liked the rows just as they were and thought they made a great toy. Put them in the washing machine on hot and then dry them on high heat.

Carefully remove the hose from the eggs and you are finished. The heat makes the felt shrink to the eggs and here is what our finished product looked like. Overall, I think they look best when you have a lot of them together. It was a fun and cheap kids project.