Thursday, May 10, 2012

30 Photos of April

Day 1: Your Reflection 
Road Tripping through Charleston

Day 2: Colour
Delaney thought yellow stripes would look better than white ones

Day 3: Mail
Birchbox is such a fun treat every month

Day 4: Someone Who Makes You Happy

Day 5: Tiny
Paintings on Seashells

Day 6: Lunch

Day 7: Shadow
iPad sketching in the shadow of a tree

Day 8: Inside Your Wallet

Day 9: Younger You
The Cousins with MomP

Day 10: Cold

Day 11: Where You Ate Breakfast

Day 12: Stairs

Day 13: Something You Found
A Lovely Assemblage by Delaney

Day 14: How You Feel Today

Day 15: Sunset
Along Hwy 98: Florida

Day 16: Flower

Day 17: Something You Don't Like
Giving Up Coke Zero because it's Bad For Me

Day 18: Hair
Still Purple

Day 19: Orange

Day 20: Something You Drew
Date Night with Ford

Day 21: Bottle

Day 22: The Last Thing You Bought

Day 23: Vegetable
 A Recipe to Make Soon

Day 24: Something You're Grateful For
Celebrating 10 Years this week with Brandon

Day 25: Looking Down
Ford Loves the Hulk Footprints at Target right now

Day 26: Black & White

Day 27: Somewhere You Went
Paint-a-Pot with Brandon (we did this on our first date ever and still love it)

Day 28: 1pm
Inventing New Chairs

Day 29: Circle
Staceage: Westside

Day 30: Something That Makes You Sad
Preschool Ending (on to real school)

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