Friday, October 29, 2010

Great Food Truck

You may spot it driving down I-75 like I did this week, making its way to the city to deliver eats to the streets. Its an old boxy red truck with a giant lace doily on the side that says "Good Food Truck". Mostly it can be found at the Urban picnic that is usually located at Sweet Auburn Market. Sadly, the season of weekly events is coming to an end with colder temps approaching but keep tabs on their locations on their facebook page and you can be sure to score a Poodle. What is a Poodle???

Only the best hot dog you have ever tasted! Hands down this one wins. These people, George Long and Jessamine Starr Long, can cook! Their specialty is the perfect balance in every bite of every dish between spicy, savory, and sweet. The Poodle does just that. It is a hot dog served on a french toast bun with Apple Maple slaw and drizzled with spicy mustard and maple syrup. Their savory waffle cone treats are wonderful too, ranging in flavors from curry cones filled with butternut squash to thai cones with panang curry veggies and coconut rice. All menu items change daily and sometimes include pressed sandwiches and drunken brownies.

If you try any street food in Atlanta, make this your first stop. You will be hooked! The only improvement that could be made is that this truck could stand to be renamed "the GREAT food truck".

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