Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yeah for the Westside!

We live on the Westside of Atlanta and we couldn't be more thrilled with all the restaurants who are choosing to locate their businesses here. Hands down our favorite is Yeah Burger. Thank you Shaun Doty!

We truly can't get enough of it. Their food is great in many ways. Great tasting of course but even greater because their food is natural and organic and without hormones, antibiotics, pesticides. And add another degree of greatness for serving whole wheat breads and gluten free options!!

The veggie burger is amazing. I tell you this as a person who never goes to a burger place and doesn't order a big, juicy, meaty burger. I wouldn't have ordered this one had I not been with someone who did and made me take a bite. The bite sold me and now it is my order every time. It is deliciously moist and made with organic South Carolina Sea Island red peas. I will admit that I add the topping of Bacon Jam because this stuff can't be missed and I eat the Veggie burger cause I love it not because I am trying to avoid meat. I finish mine off with a side of Gluten Free Onion Rings with Yeah Sauce.

Brandon swears by the Bison Burger. It is exactly what the best burger you've ever had should taste like. He prefers his oozing with bleu cheese and bacon and a side of Fried Pickles.

The hotdogs are great too and a hot dog I can feel good about my kids eating. Of course, they are all natural and nitrate free and served on organic, perfectly toasted buns.

The Boylan orange soda is a big hit with my little ones which is free of high fructose corn syrups.

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  1. I love a good burger. We'll have to check this place out!