Thursday, February 2, 2012

31 Photos of January

I was inspired to take the Instagram Photo a day Challenge for January. I found the list here of subjects for each day. It was such a fun project and made me look at every day through the lens of a new subject. Here is my finished collection:

Day 1: You
Me in Maroma, Mexico enjoying every moment of being there for my brother's wedding

Day 2: Breakfast
Being good and drinking my veggies for Breakfast every day this month.

Day 3: Something you Adore
Well, I adore many things about this photo...I adore naps at the beach on lazy sunny days and I adore the two people in this picture.

Day 4: Letterbox

Day 5: Something you Wore
My New Year's Eve Earrings which were a Christmas present from Brandon.

Day 6: Makes You Smile
The Eiffel Tower in person, in pictures, in miniature, in song, in any way, shape or form.

Day 7: Favorite
My favorite dish to eat in all of Atlanta is Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft's Meing Kum. It is spinach leaves filled with lime, ginger, peanuts, coconut, and caramelized palm sugar.

Day 8: Your Sky
Fordy Ford climbing high.

Day 9: Daily Routine
My kids at some point in the day being in various stages of undress.

Day 10: Childhood
My kids riding big wheels at my grandparents' house in the same driveway and the same cul-de-sac that my cousins and I raced our big wheels in.

Day 11: Where you Sleep

Day 12: Close-Up
Amazing Colors of Rainbow Chard found at Whole Foods Market

Day 13: In Your Bag
Makeup Bag

Day 14: Something You're Reading
Health Magazines and New Cookbooks since we are trying to eat healthier around here. I love my kids going crazy in the background of this photo.

Day 15: Happiness
Brandon being my dinner date for the rest of my life.

Day 16: Morning
I'm cheating and posting two photos here. The first is my kids having their breakfast at the kitchen counter that I finally cleaned off after way too many years of living here. The second is my brother reading with my kids while they snuggle close in their pajamas.

Day 17: Water
Raindrops on my windshield. Beautiful.

Day 18: Something You Bought
This week I bought this new White, Neon Pink, and Orange striped scarf from Target.

Day 19: Sweet
Roosters by Vosges Chocolate in Chicago.

Day 20: Someone You Love
Delaney Rox Denihan especially in layers and layers of mismatched winter clothes.

Day 21: Reflection

Day 22: Your Shoes
I'm a sucker for sparkles. The more glitz, the better.

Day 23: Something Old
My 1963 Ford Falcon Convertible that my dad bought for me the day I was born. I still get the biggest thrill every time I drive it.

Day 24: Guilty Pleasure
Permanent Markers: the more colors the better!

Day 25: Something You Made
An Eiffel Tower Onesie for Jacqueline's new little girl, Sutton.

Day 26: Colour
Buddha Hand Lemons at Whole Foods Market in Atlanta.

Day 27: Lunch
My lunch of a tofu and kale scramble while my family colors around me.

Day 28: Light
Shadow play!

Day 29: Inside Your Fridge

Day 30: Nature
The best climbing tree Riverside Park in Roswell.

Day 31: You, Again
Showing off my new purple/blue highlights.

Finally, here is the new list for February. Happy Shooting!!

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