Friday, May 4, 2012

Preschool Artists

The art studio, known as the Atelier, at my kids' preschool (Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool) is simply amazing. I have volunteered in there a few times this year and I am always in awe of the beauty of the place. The supplies are displayed in a way that every ingredient in the place makes you want to make something. It is an artist's fantasy land with limitless possibilities. It is a place that makes me want to play and create and dream. It is the kind of place that I am thrilled my children have had access to over the past couple of years. All art studios, for young and for old, should be this light filled, this organized, this well stocked, and this inspiring. 

I took so many photos. Everywhere I looked, there sat the perfect little vignette of beauty.

This time I was there to help the kids work on a painting for an auction night. We did a "surprise painting". The kids painted a layer of color using all kinds of different strokes and marks. We dried the canvas quickly with a hair dryer. We then put pieces of masking tape over our favorite parts. Then we painted another layer, dried it, taped a few pieces, etc. We continued the process for five layers. Once the painting was completely dry, we began to remove the tape and had all kinds of layered surprises!

It was exciting to see their faces as they began to pull the tape off. Here is the final product.

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