Monday, July 9, 2012

Matching MOMA

While walking around the Museum of Modern art this week in NYC, I saw this woman standing in front of this painting. I couldn't believe the lines of her skirt and the red of her bag in front of the artwork. It looked like she had dressed to match the painting. After commenting to my mom about this, we starting noticing more and more people standing in front of artwork they looked like. We had so much fun finding people matching MOMA. Here are my shots.

 Primary Patterns

 Camera Straps Go Splat

Red Rimmed Copper Tops

Untucked Reds

Peachy Shades and Gray Lines

Clover Match
(Delaney named this one)

 Not Afraid of Color

Poppy Pops

Yellow Li(o)N(e)s

Plaid Play

Arms Raised in Strappy Blues

Tattoo Designs
(Delaney named this one)

A Diptych of Black, White, and Tomato

Two Girls in Turquoise Tank Tops

Wrap Up in Your Map

Lines of Straw

Red Lined

Caught in A Blue Web

Straight Haired Blondes


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  1. Well first I want to be there...second I love how you see...amazing similarities!