Sunday, August 12, 2012

31 Photos of July

1. Self Portrait

2. Busy
Making Fig Ginger Jam

3. Best Part of Your Day
Getting to see Shoes that Maggie (my sister-in-law) Designed

4. Fun
Fourth of July

5. On The Floor
Star Provisions: Westside Atlanta

6. Chair

7. Garden

8. Lunch

9. Big
When Did My Kids Get Big Enough to Swim without Floaties

10. Your Favorite Color
Purple in all its Forms

11. Letter
From Bobby Bowden to my Grandfather

12. Texture
Texture of the Plate Matches the Ice Cream Texture

13. Open
I Love Pop Up Books, Especially if They Include the Eiffel Tower

14. Building
My Brother's Place in NYC

15. Finger

16. Sign

17. Your Addiction
Sharpie Markers in Every Color

18. Plate

19. Animal/ Insect/ Pet

20. Eyes

21. 9 o'clock
Someone is Up Late Late Late and Snuck Into My Bed

22. Upside Down

23. Mirror
The Family in Maggie's Glasses

24. Stranger
Another Great Dinner at PushStart Kitchen where Strangers become Friends

25. Heart

26. Sunshine
Our Loft Building: Westside Atlanta

27. On the Road
Looking at Maps in NYC

28. Cup
Saturday Sangria

29. Last Thing You Bought
New Shoes with Hot Pink Soles

30. Calm

31. Toothbrush


  1. love the life you capture through your eye.


  2. Great pictures~ I'm doing it again this month.