Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow in GA

If you grew up in Atlanta, like I did, snow is a big deal. I love snow. Probably because I have never had to live in real snow. So this weekend, we ventured out to Stone Mountain Park which for a few months each year now turns into Snow Mountain.

There were more snow pants and snow boots and mittens than I have ever seen in the state adorning kids filled with excitement. My kids were bundled too and there is just something about kids in snow clothes that I love...all the mismatched colors and patterns on a tiny body padded to the hilt.

The highlight for us was the family tubing run. With our kids being under 54 inches they couldn't ride the large tubing runs alone but we got to ride as a family in a large tube. It seats six so we all got to ride together along with Brandon's parents. It was a blast.

Once we were completely exhausted from climbing the hill to the top of the run, we moved on to the Snow Angels area where the kids could go tubing down small hills themselves...

Make Snow Angels and throw snowballs....

And build snowmen accessorized from the "snowman closet" they have onsite for you to "shop" in and decorate your snowmen.

It was a perfect winter day in Atlanta. The kind of day we never get. And no one had to shovel the driveway.

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