Monday, January 31, 2011

A Child's Perspective of Home Depot

It was an errand packed kind of Saturday and Delaney wanted to come along. I told her we had seven stops and some would be fun and some not so fun. We decided to get the boring out of the way first so after dropping off some samples at a carpet store, we headed to Home Depot. Little did I know how much she would like Home Depot. She would tell you it was the best store of the day.

First off, she spotted the big carpet books and liked flipping the large cards of colors and textures. Then she found these colors with names like Fairy Dust, Twinkle Twinkle, and Slumber Party and decided her room could use some Hot Pink carpet.

Next we tested all the seating options in the outdoor furniture department. She preferred table tops with umbrellas thinking they would be great for picnics in the rain.

Then on to the wonderful paint department which features a whole display of Disney colors, complete with free pamphlets of Disney inspired rooms.

Since her favorite color is yellow, she was in love with the lines on the floor and thought they made fun grids for hopscotching down the aisles.

Next she chose a refrigerator that she really liked because the water and ice maker were easily reachable and she would not need a stool to help herself.

Finally, it was time to check out where there is a better candy selection than Target.

Who knew what a fun place the Home Depot is for little ones! Next time we move, I think I'll let this very opinionated and practical girl help with the renovations.

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  1. LOVE IT! you should write a children's book about Delaney's world and illustrate it with your photoraphy!