Sunday, January 16, 2011

Richards Variety Store

Every once in a while I sneak away to the movies all by myself. It is something I have loved doing since I could drive. I don't know what it is but it is my most peaceful getaway. There are nights when I'm tired of all of real life and Brandon suggests I go to a movie and I can't tell you how much I love him for it. My favorite theater to go to is Landmark Midtown for several reasons. First off, they sell beer there which I think is pretty perfect. Secondly, they show all the artistic and foreign films that usually don't make it to the bigger theaters. And best of all, it is next door to Richards Variety Store. Therefore, my lone movie experience is sweetened by a browsing trip to the strangest and most wonderful store I know.

I take my kids here sometimes because the toy aisles are magical, brimming with wooden toys and throwback toys and wind up toys and things they do not carry at Toys R Us. They also have bins and bins overflowing with penny candy and so many things for under a dollar that I can't even count. They can play in the pretend houses and with the train set and they can ride these mechanical horses for 10 cents. That's right, 2 kids 10 cents, 1 ride. There is nowhere on this earth to get that kind of deal.

But I do love to wander down all the aisles by myself and dream of what I would buy if I had loads of mad money. So here is my wish list for this week:

This little kit is what Louis Carroll must have been dreaming of when he wrote "curious and curiouser" and I am still dreaming about it now. I have no idea what I'd do with it. Mostly I'd just like it to put on a shelf and look at. I mean just look at the magical things this kit contains. Of course, I'd probably buy anything with mini bottles of glitter included.

Then this metal water bottle. Wouldn't drinking from this daily have to induce calmness and patience?

And these lovely paper straws that remind me of shared malts at old soda shops. Perfect for making afternoon lemonade that much more special or adding retro flare to my can of Coke Zero.

And how about these colorful mining hats. I wanted to buy one for every member of my family!

The card selection at Richards is incredible. They have the funniest, most artistic, best variety of cards I've ever seen. This one was my standout favorite of the week being that their Valentines inventory is just arriving.

I will admit I didn't leave the store empty handed. I purchased two of these pirate eye patches for my kids who are very into pretending Peter Pan these days. I mean for a grand total of $2 these will provide hours of imaginative play!

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  1. I love I want to go to Richard's next time we're in Atlanta!!!