Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Excitment...and Regrets

The new Adele album "21" is out....and she is ahh-mazing! LOVE her!
I can only imagine how this would be your anthem album if you were going through a break-up which sounds like where she might have been coming from. Nonetheless...it is amazing! She could seriously sing the phone book (do they still exist?) and I would listen!!

I saw this poster recently...counting the days!!! Coming to a theatre near you in MARCH! Jane Eyre..and Judi Dench is in it!!

And regrets...

Not buying these shoes...

And wearing them to this restaurant...(picture taken from passenger seat of moving vehicle..)
Wondering how my neighbors would feel if I painted my house this way...considering it!

But after a little Google detective work...I really wished I had tried it..even if the name means..well bad
Maybe next time!!

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  1. Love Adele's new cover of "Make you feel my love"!!