Thursday, February 24, 2011

Orchid Farm

The drive to Alpharetta from the city is a weekly one for me. My parents live there. Over the last couple of years I have watched these greenhouses be built at the corner of Freemanville Road and Redd Road and then wondered what could be inside them and then promised myself I would check it out someday. This weekend, the day came.

The sign reads Rainbeau Orchids and the hours are Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 12-5. I was not prepared for what awaited us inside those white domed houses. I don't know what I expected exactly but everything was more than I imagined.

Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds of amazing plants line aisle after aisle of this place. The initial impact of lush green and vibrant color transported me to somewhere tropical.

I love workspaces. It is part of being an artist, I guess. I love seeing the tools, and surfaces, and spaces that when put in the correct hands create such beauty. So part of what I loved about this place was seeing small hints of a caretaker who loves what they do.

The photos do not even come close to doing justice to what you will find here, so take a weekend afternoon and explore this place for yourselves.


  1. AHHHHHHHH!! I can't stand it...I want to go right now!! This looks amazing!!!

  2. I have always wanted to go there. This will make me do it!

  3. I have always wanted to go there and now I really will! Thanks