Monday, March 7, 2011

Rainy Day Superheroes

I have a favorite new find. It is these cool cut out shapes from Michaels.

They have all different varieties but the first ones we have tried out in our house are the boy and girl shapes. The packages are around $3 and last quite a while.

We had a great time making princesses for Delaney.

She made a couple of handsome Princes to go with them.

Ford wanted superheroes....Batman, Joker, and Two Face (his favorite who he calls "1 face good, 1 face bad)


  1. LOVE those, especially the Joker and Jasmine! Did you use the cutouts as a pattern and what kind of paper did you use? What fun and I love the background paper!

  2. the cutouts are already cut! they are a thick white cardboard. and the background paper is the kids board i put on the table for them to color on so markers don't get on our white kitchen table. i loved it in the background of these shots too.