Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's A Pirate Life For Me

It's birthday season around here. We have more holidays and birthdays in May than we can count in our family. My kids have birthdays 5 days apart and this year we celebrated with a Pirate themed bash. Our first mission was the invitations. I dressed the kids in their pirate gear and took them to my favorite wall. It is a hot turquoise brick wall with yellow trim and pipes that is a building salvage supply store on Howell Mill. Here are some shots from our shoot:

Here are our invitations. I made them on Photoshop and then had them printed at Costco as 5X7 photos in matte finish. They are a real deal at 39 cents a piece.

We decorated our place and anxiously awaited our big day. I made a pirate map for the wall, served Pirate Booty in small single serving bags, ordered cupcakes from Publix and dressed them up with Pirate flags I made with wooden skewers and pirate themed scrapbook paper.

I finally found a good use for those red and white striped paper straws, made Bloody Pirate Punch (a half and half mixture of Berry Juicy Juice and Ginger Ale), decorated with wooden pop guns I found at World Market, scattered Playskool pirate figures all around, and made a Goldfish Pirate Ship with more of the scrapbook paper and wooden skewers.

It's a good thing we did not give out a prize for best costume because we would have never been able to decide. We are thankful for all our friends and family for outdoing themselves on their costumes and coming to celebrate our kids.

The guests were entertained coloring skulls and pirate boys that I found at Michaels in the paper cutout shapes. We all made compass necklaces with wooden beads and compasses I found at Hobby Lobby. And we played Pop Up Pirate which is a fun game of luck and surprise for little ones. It was a perfect party, full of chaos and joy, just like a kid's party should be!


  1. Ansley, your children are precious, and what a fun party that was.

    Your loft is amazing...would love to see more photos!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! So sad i missed it! Can I still have a pirate necklace?!