Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Party Time!!!

I warned you that I would make way too many October posts but luckily this month is almost over! Tonight was our annual Halloween Party which is my favorite party of the year because there is nothing I like more than people in costumes. I love dressing up which I owe to my grandmother who's favorite holiday is Halloween and who has dressed up as a very scary witch for my entire life. You can see her below scaring the latest generation of little kids!

This is my spider cider holder and it is my very favorite Halloween decoration. I filled him with punch this year for the little kids and found these great cups with lids by Solo. Below are my shelves that I change out seasonally. For Halloween, I use all B&W photos of all my childhood Halloween memories. The really amazing painted calendar is by my friend Ann and I love it so much. The shelves are from IKEA and I trimmed them out with green spider ribbon for this season.

We served delicious Mole Chili and Rosemary Tomato Soup followed by many sweet treats including these Pumpkin Joe Joe's from Trader Joes. The kids and I made these acorns with mini Nutter Butter cookies, a hershey kiss, and a chocolate chip.

Here is my grandmother scaring Buzz and Woody, her great grandchildren!

And here are all our little guests in their splendid costumes!

My dad came as Two Face from Batman because that is Ford's favorite villain. But Ford calls him "One Face Good, One Face Bad". I love this grandparent picture of my parents with my kids.

And here is my costume which is my favorite one ever. I got the idea on Pinterest and then my mom had the idea of adding the bubble to be a more authentic Lichtenstein girl.

Our craft for the evening was making fabric owls. I found giant fabric sample books in the dumpster and kept them for something someday. I cut all the owl shapes out of the fabric and set up our owl making factory.

Here are the finished products and their proud creators. I think they turned out just wonderfully.


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  1. i want to live close to you and come to your halloween party and hang out and make fun pinterest projects together!! :-) love your blog, girl!