Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcome 2012!

Brandon and I have a New Year's Tradition. We see as many movies as we can in 24 hours in the theater. Last year we made it through 5. We use this as our chance to catch up on everything we've missed before awards season begins. So, since my parent's will be entertaining my kids for New Year's Eve, we decided to have our celebration a day early and in the middle of the day! Plus, Delaney has been practicing her backward countdown skills and was excited to show them off.

I don't know where Delaney saw these or got the idea but she has been talking about clock cookies for New Year's "where the hands point straight up" so we enhanced these store bought black and white cookies for the event. She also wanted some juice that "tickles her tongue" so we drank sparkling grape juice out of "fancy glasses".

We added sparklers to our cupcakes and spent the morning making construction paper confetti. It was the highlight of the party by far.

I didn't want to leave these awesome New Year's Eve earrings out of my post. They are the quintessential party earrings I am thrilled to say that my husband got me for Christmas. I can't wait to wear them out for our marathon movie date!

Happy 2012 to You All!!

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  1. How fun! Be sure to let us know what movies y'all saw. I always like to know what everyone else is watching. Happy new year!