Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thrift Finds

My grandmother gave everyone in our family no chance of escaping the love of a good find for cheap! She drug all of us around our whole little lives to garage sales and thrift stores. We are all bargain shoppers and better for it.

There are more thrift stores than ever right now because of the economy and my mom and I frequent several in Roswell. On Wednesdays, it is 1/2 price day for seniors so I always shop with her. I thought I'd dress up my kids in our favorite recent finds so you can see just how great the stuff is out there for less than $2. Everything they are wearing in all the following photos was bought at a thrift store except their shoes (Target gets credit for those). And every single item on their bodies was less than $2 a piece. Some of the items had never been worn and still had the tags hanging on them.

For sure, I will never buy jeans for my kids anywhere but the thrift stores again. The selection is huge and my kids go through jeans faster than any other clothing item.

As our shoot continued, the rain started and the kids got tired so here are a few more items I've found minus the bodies!

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