Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beach Time

We spent last week in Seagrove Beach. I took a million pictures as I always do when I am at the beach. The light and the ocean and the colors always make my very favorite photos so excuse the abundance of pictures to follow. We had the best family vacation we have ever had there. The kids are just a perfect age and always up for any adventure.

We took Delaney and Ford to the giant maze at Coconut Creek in Panama City. My brother and I grew up loving that place. The maze is the size of 2 football fields and you have to find 4 different check points and then find your way out. It took us about 35 minutes to complete it. My kids loved it. Then we enjoyed the kids first of at least a million putt putt experiences. (there will probably be another post devoted entirely to putt putting photos!)

If the kids were not on the beach, they spent most of their time climbing the tree in the front yard. They did more things in the tree than I ever knew could be done in a tree. Here is Delaney having her art time with her bag of markers hanging from a branch.

We woke up extra early one morning to be at Charlie's Donut truck in Alys Beach when it opened. We've heard they sell out very quickly so we were first in line. We ate our donuts and then played at our favorite playground there.

More art time on the porch resulted in an Eiffel tower painting by Delaney, Ford turning into Jackson Pollock, and painting our seashells from our beach walks.

We were all sad to go home after such a great week. Ford says that if our house is for sale anyway, why can't we just move to the beach. I'm with him!

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  1. fabulous pictures as always. I love art time on vacation. you guys are adorable.