Saturday, March 17, 2012

Making Pages

I attended my second Visual Journaling workshop at our church today and I am loving playing in new mediums and being able to be creative in quick little spurts. I haven't been painting much lately because it takes so much time, but this is fitting my lifestyle so easily. If I have fifteen minutes or an hour, I can put something on the page. I am remembering that I need to be creative. That it is built into me and I am happiest with the rest of my life when I am creating something, anything. So here are my first several pages:

And these are a few backgrounds that I still need to add my journaling entries to:

I've been caught in my studio a few times during the kids' rest time and Delaney always wants to join in. I let her make a page with the supplies and paint I had out and here is her spread. She entitled it "Dad and Wife Birds"

Thanks Mary Freeman at A Splendid Adventure for the fun inspirations and letting us all play in your wonderful assortment of supplies.