Sunday, November 18, 2012

September Photo A Day Challenge

Well, Here we are in November and I have yet to post these pictures from September. I do pretty well keeping up with the photo a day challenge on my phone but I am not on top of things when it comes to actually uploading them to my blog. I am getting excited though, to be reaching the end of a year. A whole year of which I have a photo from every single day. 365 photos to tell our story, the story of our family and where we have been and what we have loved. I can't wait to put them in a book and have this kind of record. Here is September:

1. You, Now
On the road to our favorite place

2. Father
Riding on shoulders to conquer the giant maze

3. Far Away

4. In My Mailbox

5. Bright
Dying rice for Ford's class

6. Every Day
I'm excited for bedtime

7. Natural
Rain Patterns on the Pavement

8. At Night
Movie night with dad

9. Something You Do Most Weekends
Eat Out

10. Black and White

11. Hero

12. Together

13. Table

14. Favorite
Fall is my favorite time of the year

15. First Thing You See

16. Strange

17. In My Fridge

18. Price
Brandon's favorite drink with his favorite character on it, at Walmart.
$1 for a six pack!

19. Underneath

20. Man-Made

21. Sometimes

22. Up

23. Before Bedtime

24. 3 Things
Making Sugar Skull Masks today

25. Frame

26. Near

27. Love/Hate
Magazines...Piles and Piles and Piles of them

28. A Good Thing
Bacon in My Milkshake (Flip Burger Atlanta)

29. Errand

30. You, Then
One of my favorite pictures of Delaney and Me

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