Sunday, December 12, 2010

Date Night

This past weekend the hubs had a swanky work-related Christmas party downtown (Bham that is) that we really enjoyed...I was excited because I got to wear my new H&M brocade dress that I had spied in InStyle months ago and scored during the H&M Lanvin event for a MAJOR deal (and by MAJOR I mean $19.95!!) How do they do that?!?! I wore it with a black fitted blazer from Urban Outfitters (silence + noise label), a gold chain necklace with black the festivity of the holidays!!

It looks kinda like this on me...or not really at all but a girl can dream!

I also realized as were walking out the door that my nails were not quite party-ready!! Thank goodness I had purchased a Sally Hansen Color Quick pen in gold chrome and remembered that Ansley someone that I know had used this mani-wizard at stop-lights on her way to dinner recently and it dries by the time you arrive at your destination! (Disclaimer: Two cities Two girls does not endorse beautification while operating a vehicle!!) (Disclaimer #2: This is kind of a "Cinderella manicure" - looks great that night but "poof" the next morning it is back to looking a little raggedy!)
That being said, this little pen is a holiday must and would make a great stocking stuffer!

We were too busy yappin' to eat at the party so I was thrilled to figure out that one of my favorite bfast/lunch spots serves dinner on Friday nights and was right around the corner from the party!! Trattoria Centrale - Let me just say that everything I have ever had here is oh sooo can really tell these guys know what they are doing and love food!

First...the perfect salad! Crisp Bibb lettuce, goat cheese, baby beets (YAY!) and pistachios (DOUBLE YAY!) topped with the perfect amount of scratch-made citrus vinaigrette...

I almost licked the plate!

Followed by Orecchiette al Ragu -which as a general rule I don't order pasta in restaurants - it is always disappointing to me...this was quite the exception!! Orecchiette, cream, slow-roasted pork, extra yum and sage - expectations greatly exceeded!

Hubs had pizza...but not just any pizza - delicious, authentic, crispy crust, bubbly cheese, inventive ingredient, Rome-memory inducing pizza...this time with sausage and mushroom and some magic ricotta mixture under the toppings..

Great leftover pizza tip from Geoff (one of the owners)for those of us without a pizza stone: when you are reheating - take your pizza out of the fridge about 20 min before you heat it. Then put a cookie sheet in an oven set to 465 and let it get heated up..then put the pizza in and heat for about 1.5 minutes! Again..genius! It makes the toppings perfectly warm and bubbly and the crust crispy and delicious!

All enjoyed with a Pinot Nero (Italy's Pinot Noir) and finished off with homemade gelato - cappuccino and pistachio flavors......perfect!

Everything at Trattoria Centrale is delish..a couple weeks ago I had a pumpkin drop biscuit with maple glaze during brunch that was so good...had it fallen on the ground I would have picked it up and eaten regrets!

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