Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your golden hair"

As a kid, my favorite series to watch was Faerie Tale Theater starring Shelley Duvall. Having always had a bit too much disney damage in general, I love a good story of a prince rescuing any fair maiden. But far and away, my very favorite of all the stories was Rapunzel. I attribute my love for radishes to that movie. I have always dreamed of a house with a turret or a round room of any kind. And most of all, I wanted that round bed and still do!

I had an old VHS tape of all the shows that my uncle had painstakingly taped for me that I wore out years ago. I was overjoyed when I found this DVD set of all the movies at Costco last year. There were many more stories than I even knew had been produced.
Thank you to Disney for this year putting Rapunzel back in our minds and the hearts of a whole new generation of turret seekers. I was both full of anticipation and a little reluctant to see the new spin on the classic entitled "Tangled". I knew there would be major liberties taken and the story would not be the one I was so fond of. I still loved it. Disney did not disappoint. I did miss the radishes and the witches garden but not Shelley Duvall's tendrils!

I really enjoyed the movie and so did my kids. My heart truly skipped a beat when I came across the Rapunzel tower. Round and Round and Round and Wonderful. I am most excited to get this for (my daughter) for Christmas this year. I wish they had included a round bed but the rest of it is magical enough. Here's to dreaming of princes tonight!

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