Friday, December 17, 2010

White, Gray, Orange, and Grellow

As I mentioned before, we have been redoing some things around our place. The seven years we have lived here coupled with two kiddos under 4 have done some damage. After drooling over the CB2 catalog for years and visiting the store during travels to lucky cities that have storefronts, I am thrilled to say that we now have a standing store in Atlanta. CB2 is Crate and Barrel's modern cousin.

We ventured there for end tables for our changing living room. The kids had a great time testing each and every bed and chair in the place for comfort. Luckily, Ford wore orange pants and fit right in with every display.

We were also there to purchase a few Flor Tiles. We also have an Interface Flor showroom in Atlanta but they do not stock pieces. It is a mail order only establishment and we were in a big hurry with Christmas parties lurking. Lucky for us CB2 does stock a limited number of options and had just the gray Flor tiles we needed. My son preferred the bold tiles instead and was quite excited with his choice.

The colors of the modern moment according to CB2 are White, Gray, Orange, and Grellow (greenish yellow). We felt a little like we'd walked into the 70's show set but did walk away with 2 Grellow end table on wheels.

Here is our finished room sporting the Grellow tables and Gray Flor Tiles.

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